Border Collies with Dawn Boyce
Dawn on WNEG 32 News

Sheep and duck demos

Lazy J provides a quality demonstration of the Border Collie on sheep and ducks. We like to bring 25-30 sheep and 7 or more Collies to showcase the incredible ability that God has given to one of his most amazing creatures. The Border Collie is so intelligent and personable and this can be demonstrated and highlighted most easily in a relaxed setting.

The dogs can show their natural outrun and fetching ability and then their responsiveness to commands in the drive, shed, and pen. Their traits and personality are highlighted as each dog is given a chance to shine before a crowd. The older ones with their experience and steadiness constrast with the younger ones who please the crowd with their youthful enthusiasm. Descriptions of the Border Collie 'eye', presence, natural drive, power, and biddability are explained - and that is just to mention a few of the complex talents that make up the Border Collie.

Ducks are also exhibited, which shows the usefulness and versatility of a stockdog alongside the comic persona of the duck being directed by a black and white master.

Engagements are limited and booked in advance.

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